utilize Ayahuasca for personal growth, creative breakthroughs and positive transformation

Includes Preparation, Translation
Pick Up & Drop Off in Sao Paulo

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Includes Preparation, Translation 
Pick Up & Drop Off in Sao Paulo

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Includes Preparation, Accomodation
Pick Up & Drop Off in Sao Paulo


A spiritual non-profit community has created the perfect setting for a modern and authentic ayahuasca experience in Brazil. Modest facilitators play enchanting live music that fuse with the sounds of the surrounding nature and sizzling bonfires. The spiritual and warmhearted community shares a deeply felt intent for positive transformation.

As soon as the sun sets, a big campfire is lit and the participants gather around it.  You can grab a chair and make yourself comfortable. Everybody gets a chance to express the personal intention going into the ceremony. Then a moderate dose of Ayahuasca is served. After about 40 to 60 minutes a second dose is served for those who are not yet feeling any effects and those who want to dive deep. This is repeated about 40 minutes later. The ceremony will be accompanied by enchanting music. There is a lot of space on the covered veranda and around the campfire, ideally you bring a sleeping pad, a cozy blanket and your most comfortable cloth.


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About Ayawakening

Science & Ethics

Understanding the science behind the experience is an important prerequisite for safe and responsible use of plant medicines. While there are limits to what science can explain and what the rational mind is able to grasp, our rational approach avoids dogmas, prejudices and superstitions. Our quest for enlightenment is pursued through open minded reasoning and direct experience.


It’s essential to recognize that many physical and spiritual effects of Ayahuasca do not conclude with the end of the ceremony. The real work begins after this. The ability and willingness to self-reflect, is an important component for the successful integration of your experience. In our integration sessions we strive for intellectual, moral, and social improvement.

Daniel M. Greiner
Founder of Ayawakening

contact me for integration sessions or private retreats daniel@ayawakening.com

Ayahuasca, How Does it Work?

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