19.09 - 24.09.19
Ayahuasca, Nature, Science, Arts & Wellnes


6 Days, 3 Ceremonies, All inclusive - Ideal for nature lovers, artists and adventurers
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$2500 $2250 (USD)/ Launch Offer 


All Inclusive , 6 Days, 5 Nights, 3 Ceremonies, 19.09. – 24.09.2019


We Pick you up at the Airport in Alto Paraiso. You will have the chance to do some shopping in Alto Paraiso before we take you 13 km inwards on a rough, bumpy road to the incredible Mariri Jungle Lodge.

In the heart of Brazil in Alto Paraíso de Goias, located in the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park region lies the “Mariri Jungle Lodge”. It is a half-hour drive from the town of Alto Paraíso, an esoteric town of mysticism, natural therapies and spiritual healing. This peaceful place is surrounded by beautiful raw nature, where you have a chance to observe monkeys, exotic birds, go hiking and connect with the spirit of the Brazilian Savannah. 

The Ceremonies are designed for deep self exploration, recollection and development of an autonomy in use of powerful plant medicines. Through direct and deep contact with nature and the inner self, nature becomes a fundamental element in the process of healing. Reconnect with the earth, fire, air, water, plants, animals. Life.

The Ceremonies are accompanied by instruments and the sounds of nature.

It’s essential to recognize that many physical and spiritual effects of ayahuasca do not conclude with the end of the retreat. The real work begins after this. During the weeks following the Retreat, we will proactively support your effort to utilize the Afterglow in order to live up to your new upgraded self.


Launch Offer: $2500 $2250 – All Inclusive , 6 Days, 3 Ceremonies: 19.09. -24.09.2019 

Artwork by James R. Eads